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Welcome to Mountain Grove Classifieds Advertising Page

Pricing is very affordable and will not only display your ad here but show up on search engine listings such as Google and Yahoo. As many of you might know if your website is linked elsewhere it increases your chances of being found. With that said we offer many solutions including your own website or a single page on our servers. Affordability and increasing your revenue go hand in hand.


15.00 Gets your ad online permanatly!

  1. in a way that lasts or remains unchanged indefinitely; for all time.
    "his lungs are permanently damaged"
    synonyms: for all time, forever, forevermore, for good, for always, for ever and ever, (for) evermore, until hell freezes over, in perpetuity, indelibly, immutably, until the end of time; More
    • in a way that lasts or continues without interruption; continually.
      "we need to be permanently vigilant"

As long as this website exists your ad does too!

Each price is for 1 year. You will be asked at the end of the year if you wish to renew you ad.

  1. Text only Ads up to 100 characters: $5.00
  2. Text only Ads up to 500 characters: $10.00
  3. Text Ads up to 100 characters with a hyperlink to your own existing website: 10.00
  4. Text Ads up to 500 characters with a hyperlink to your own existing website: 15.00
  5. Text Ads with a Image up to 300 x 250 pixels: $15.00 *You are responsible for the image or one can be made for a 20.00 fee.
  6. Image only ads up to 300 x 500 pixels: $20.00 *You are responsible for the image or one can be made for a 40.00 fee.
  7. Text Ad with hyperlink to a Single Page Website hosted by us: $50.00 *You are responsible for the cost on the domain name (.com) if requested and all pictures/graphics are supplied by you or can be custom made for a fee. You are responsible for the words on the page.
  8. Text or Image Ad with hyperlink to your own Custom made Website by us: $50.00 to unlimited

All prices subject to change. Most likely the pricing will remain the same for several years. We reserve the right to refuse any ad, business, or individual.

Contact Andrew at 417-259-0556 or E-mail Andrew@pagesofwisdom.com

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